Reusable Cone Coffee Filters

Cone coffee filters are the most common type of coffee filter. The cone-shaped design can gather coffee powder and liquid together, reduce the water flow rate, and extend the brewing time. The bottom of the coffee filter basket is flat. Compared with the conical design, more coffee can be put into it. However, the flat bottom may cause the coffee powder to not be evenly soaked, resulting in weak coffee or lack of flavor.

Cone coffee filters are available in 3 materials, including paper, cloth and stainless steel. Each of these three materials has advantages and disadvantages.

Paper coffee filters

Pros: Coffee oil can be filtered out, cheap and very convenient. You can throw it away when you use it up.

Cons: It is not environmentally friendly and may affects the taste of coffee. It needs to be purchased continuously. The bleached ones contain harmful substances.

Cloth coffee filter cone

Pros: The price is moderate and does not affect the taste.

Cons: It is not environmentally friendly and cannot be used for a long time.

Stainless steel coffee filter cone

Pros: Reusable, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and does not contain harmful substances. The brewed coffee tastes more flavor.

Cons: More expensive, unable to filter coffee oil.

Amber Metal only produces and supplies metal cone shaped coffee filters. Our filters are made of food-grade stainless steel and are available in various colors, such as silver, rose gold, golden yellow, etc. The surface can also be carved into various patterns, and logos can also be customized for customers.

Stainless steel coffee filter cone

gold cone coffee filter

reusable coffee filter cone

pour over coffee filter cone

cone shaped coffee filters

coffee drip cone

pour over coffee cone

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