Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Filter Basket

The size of a stainless steel reusable coffee filter basket is usually much larger than that of a conical filter, so a large amount of coffee can be brewed at a time.

Our reusable coffee basket filter is made of ultra-fine mesh stainless steel to ensure that there are no large particles of grounds and retain the strong flavor of coffee. In addition, it is absolutely environmentally friendly and reusable. Although paper filters are more convenient to use, they need to be purchased continuously. Therefore, in the long run, stainless steel filters can save more money.

Our stainless steel coffee filter basket is also easy to clean, just put it under running water, the coffee powder will be cleaned up, and the cleaning effect will be better with the use of non-scratching pad.

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Basket

Reusable Coffee Filter Basket

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